theatre-making duo 
dedicated to making blk spaces
in an anti-blk society.


Living at the intersection of radical imagination, dreams (and rest), Mundane Afrofuturism, and pleasure, the map project is a virtual experiment in devising. It is a virtual dream space to heal and play. It is a virtual offering of community. It is a virtual tool of radical imagination.

The Map Project hopes to provide a space for individuals to unapologetically go down a rabbithole, send up their dreams and visions, and come back out to a wide net of community. As artists, we find it crucial for our projects to contain the DNA of our community and The Map Project is a way for us to do that.

As much as this experience is a digital devising project, it’s also an offering for you. This space is one of intention, reflection, pleasure, healing, restoration, and radical imagination—for YOU. We encourage you to move through this experience with an open mind. There will be prompts for you to engage with but this is not an assignment. It’s an invitation. Pick up what is of interest to you and move past what is not. Everything will be submitted to us (Ta-Nia) and we will be the only two people seeing what is submitted.*

*By participating in The Map Project, you agree that Ta-Nia exclusively owns all rights to your submissions
and can use them for the development of A MAP TO NOWHERE (things are) and any derivative works created.
You waive the right to inspect or approve of the uses of any printed, electronic, or live copy.

The current political moment is about emphasizing support for Blk lives as well as combating anti-Blkness. Theatre-making duo Ta-Nia couldn’t help but vibrate with the energy of the collective effort to actualize this Afro-future. 

Without coincidence (for the universe is intentional and diligent with its timing), Ta-Nia has been developing a piece titled A MAP TO NOWHERE (things are) since November 2019. This piece is a technological and theatrical exploration of the space between dreams and reality and works to close the gap between the two.

For the development of this piece, we are invested in radical imagination and the power we have as individuals and a community to (re)imagine the world and actualize those imaginings. We also draw heavily on the beliefs that rest is a form of reparations as offered by The Nap Ministry and that of pleasure as a place of activism as offered by adrienne maree brown.

This toolkit lies at the intersection of imagination, rest, and pleasure. Above all else, we hope this toolkit helps offer healing and joy to our Blk siblings. We welcome you to use this toolkit in whatever way it best serves you.