Stückemarkt of Theatertreffen: Commission of Work goes to the collective Ta-Nia, Talia Paulette Oliveras and Nia Farrell

Theatretreffen Press Release
May 2021

Ta-Nia (aka Talia Paulette Oliveras and Nia Farrell) in Conversation with Simon Stephens

Royal Court Theatre Podcast x Theatretreffen Stückemarkt

May 2021

Closing the Gap between Dreams and Reality

Caitlyn Tella, Quarterless Review
May 2021

On Being Blk in an Anti-Blk World

Lynn Takeo Musiol & Eva Tepest, Theatretreffen Blog 
May 2020

On Afrofuturism and Creating Black Spaces

Lucas Kernan, The Theatre Times
June 2019

“As authors and theater makers, Nia Farrell and Talia Paulette Oliveras are an opportunity for theater: because they celebrate and question it. We experienced them as intelligent, fun-loving and radical artists - theater makers for the theater of the future.”
- Julia Wissert and  Sarah Yawa Quarshie, representing Schauspiel Dortmund

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